Roggio del Filare

Roggio del Filare

Roggio del Filare

Rosso Piceno Doc Superiore


PRODUCTION AREA Winery’s own vineyards located in the Municipalities of Offida and Ascoli Piceno.

GRAPE BLEND Montepulciano 70%, Sangiovese 30%.

AVERAGE ALTITUDE 200 meters above-sea-level

SOIL TYPE Mainly clay, tending to limestone.


DENSITY PER HECTARE 5.000 ceppi per ettaro.

YIELD PER HECTARE 65 quintals of grape approximately.

YIELD PER GRAPE-VINE 1,2 Kg of grapes approximately.

HARVEST Grapes are handpicked in mid-October, early in the morning or late in the afternoon, and placed in small boxes kept in cold cells before being taken to the winery.

FERMENTATION After destemming, grapes are channelled into 100hl steel fermenting vats, equipped with a programmable pump over system (to achieve best colour extraction results and softness of the wine) and temperature control system. Maceration on skins lasts about 28 days. After fermentation the wine is drawn off into new barriques from selected French cooperages and left aging for about 18 months.





COLOUR Brilliant, gleaming ruby red with light garnet hues.

BOUQUET Intense, complex nose, with intense scents of dark and ripe fruits such as plum and blackberry, blended in an extraordinary and fascinating bouquet of spices.

TASTE This wine confirms its great character and reveals its essence on the palate. A pulpy mouthfeel, velvety and with just the right touch of tannin, fruits and spices. The warm, lingering, full-bodied and well-orchestrated flavour makes it a distinguished and charismatic wine.