Villa Angela Pecorino DOCG

Villa Angela Pecorino DOCG

Villa Angela Pecorino DOCG



PRODUCTION AREA Selected grapes from vineyards located in Ascoli Piceno and Offida.

VARIETY Pecorino monovarietal.

AVERAGE ALTITUDE 200-300 meters above-sea-level.

SOIL TYPE Medium texture tending to sandy.


DENSITY PER HECTARE 5.000 plants per hectare.

YIELD PER HECTARE 75 quintals of grapes approximately

YIELD PER GRAPE-VINE 1.5 kg of grapes approximately.

HARVEST Grapes are handpicked early in the morning or late in the afternoon and carefully selected. The bunches are gently placed in small trays and kept in controlled temperature cells before being taken to the winery.

FERMENTATION In small steel tanks at controlled temperature to better preserve the grape’s aromas. The must starts fermenting with wild yeast, and only once it has developed 4-5% volume in alcohol further selected yeasts are added. When fermentation is completed, the wine is let to stay in stainless steel vats at very low temperatures (approx. 10°C), and fine lees are pumped over every three/five days to enhance the smoothness of this wine.


In 2011 the DOC Offida was changed into DOCG, which was an important achievement for the province of Ascoli Piceno and the entire region of Marche. The territory enhancement has allowed to develop and spread this Vineyard that has been rediscovered only a few years ago, but is very appreciated and requested today.


COLOUR Clear, straw yellow with bright golden hues.

BOUQUET Fine and elegant nose, scents of yellow ripe fruits. Yellow flowers among which broom is clearly recognisable. Sage and thyme hints complete the bouquet, with a fascinating mineral finish.

TASTE The perfect ageing of the grapes is the highest potential of this wine on the palate: well balanced, smooth and fresh at first, followed by a pleasant texture and flavour enhancer. The great structure and pleasant minerality makes this wine fresh and involving.