PRODUCTION AREA:   Company owned vineyards located in Castel di Lama

VARIETY:   Montepulciano 100%

ALTITUDE:   200-300 m  a.s.l.

SOIL:   Loam soil , tending towards clay.


DENSITY:   5,000 plants per hectare

YIELD PER HECTARE:   about 80 quintals

HARVEST:   Specifically selected grapes for rosé vinification are picked during the first 10 days of September.

VINIFICATION:   Once in the cellar, the grapes are destemmed and conveyed to the press. In order not to lose the main scents, the entire environment is covered with dry ice.  At this point a brief cold maceration is carried out for about 6 hours so as to extract the peak of the scents.  The fermentation is at a temperature of about 14°/15° C.  Upon completion of the fermentation, the wine is kept for some months on thin dregs to enhance its structure.


COLOR:  Bright pink

BOUQUET:   Intense. Initially light floral scents of roses and violets slowly become more distinct along with notes of small red fruit like red currant and raspberry.

TASTE:   Full structure typical of the variety (Montepulciano).  Distinguished by its pleasant freshness and intense mineral finish.