Querciantica / Wine and cherry flavour drink



BLEND / Lacrima 80%; Sciroppo di Visciole 20% /

HISTORICAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS AND CURIOSITIES / In the past, the sour cherry wine was produced to make vigorous and tannic wines more likable. Duke Federico of Montefeltro, according to his trustworthy biographer and bookseller Vespasiano of Bisticci, “almost did not drink wine if was not cherry or pomegranate”. Afterwards it was considered a woman’s wine, because of its scents, velvetiness and roundness. Today it is considered a wine for meditation, a wine to savor and taste with others, a wine to rediscover tastes of days gone by. It is called “visciolato” or more commonly sour cherry wine /

PROCESSING / In order to produce our “vino e visciole”, we use an ancient variety of wild cherries (Prunus cerasus) which is dark red and has an aciduluous taste. The sour cherries are picked during the first weeks of July and put to macerate, partly whole and partly crushed, with sugar. This triggers a fermentation which slowly produces a smooth and scented syrup. This product is removed from the lees for some days and subsequently filtered. A highly sugar concentrated syrup is obtained and then mixed with wine (Lacrima), triggering another fermentation which blends the two identities (wine and syrup). The fermentation is halted at approximately a 14% alcohol volume, with a sugar residue guaranteeing pleasure /

SUGAR RESIDUE / 140 gr/l /

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