Passerina Brut / Charmat Method


PRODUCTION AREA / Company owned vineyards located in Ascoli Piceno /

VARIETY / Passerina 100% /

ALTITUDE / 200-300 m a.s.l. /

SOIL / Medium-textured, tending towards a sandy soil /


PLANT DENSITY / 5000 plants per hectare /

YIELD PER HECTARE / 80 quintals approx /

YIELD PER VINE / 1.5 kg approx.

HARVEST / The grapes are hand picked and placed in cases of approximately 20 kgs /

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VINIFICATION / The Passerina grapes are selected and picked at the best moment for the production of the spumante base wine. After a brief criomaceration of the grapes and a soft pressing as well, the fermentation begins at a controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks. Upon completion of the first fermentation, the base wine is prepared for a second fermentation in a sealed stainless steel tank (Charmat Method). The production cycle is never less than 90 days so as to allow, at the end of the second fermentation, an adeguate stay on the yeasts in order to characterize the sparkling wine /

Data Sheet Passerina Brut - Charmat Method