Wine is an art capable of making people dream
Wine is an art capable of making people dream
Inspired to create a harmony between taste and color, the Velenosi Winery was born in 1984. Ercole and Angela Velenosi, with Paolo Garbini since 2005, combining the artisan tradition with modern technologies, have reinterpreted the winemaking processes with creativity.

They have created a company that today brings the scents and shades of the Piceno territory to the whole world through wines with a unique character.

From wine we learned patience, waiting for the time necessary to obtain intense sips and an incomparable flavor. A continuous care and research that echo in the reflections of the glasses.


Wine is an art capable of making you dream
This is a statement we firmly believe in. Indeed, it is the very basis of our philosophy, deriving from tradition and ancient techniques, interpreted in a flexible and imaginative way to produce the most
fragrant glass of wine.


...holding hands as if dancing...
The origins of these sedimentary soils are a mix of Pliocene and Miocene in addition to the presence of clay sand and silt. Traces of ocean beds enhance our wines with a touch of minerality.
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Opera Wine 2021

19th June 2021
09:00 - 23:30
Palazzo della Gran Guardia, Piazza Bra, 1 VERONA - ITALY



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